Due to the ever increasing number of INTERNET users, electronic addresses represented by domain names are becoming more and more important, and it is therefore necessary to count with their protection. At present there is a legal gap that allows anyone to register the name of any Company, their trademarks, or the name of an individual, without any limit.

This is an extremely serious situation, considering the abuse that can be made of trademarks that belong to another, and of the fact that a Company may not be able to use its own corporate name or distinctive trademarks on the INTERNET.

In order to have an adequate protection it is necessary to proceed with two different applications:

  1. Application for domain name registration at the Computer Science Department of the University of Chile.
  2. Application for registration of the domain name as a trademark in class 38, to distinguish comunication services for consultation by waves or cables, electronic mail services, Internet information site and other similar sistems, use and access of the same.

The registration of the domain name at the Computer Science Department of the University of Chile, grants the owner a registration under the generic domain “.cl”, corresponding to Chile.